Week 8: 21st February 1997 – 27th February 1997

Week 8: 21st February 1997 – 27th February 1997

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Week 7: 14th February 1997 – 20th February 1997

Week 7: 14th February 1997 – 20th February 1997

14th February 1997 I refused to admit that water + red dye looks like blood.
Kind of does though… but how did this even come up?

15th February 1997 Fran round on 19th. Going shopping. Buy nail varnish.

16th February 1997 Violet round on 18th, yuck. Fran is concerned re: Friday.
I guess I felt under pressure to invite both girls – I really only wanted to be friends with Fran, but I knew Violet was going to be a total nightmare about it if I didn’t include her.

17th February 1997 Harriet the Spy 10/10
This has been Film Review with Autumn.

18th February 1997 Violet round 12.00. Tried on her nail varnish – ugh!
I remember this. It was a sickly Parma Violet (fittingly enough) shade and it didn’t suit me at all. I got home and cleaned it off pretty much immediately.

19th February 1997 Francesca round 11. I am not sure which one is my best friend.
Only one way to find out…

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20th February 1997 See Heather. OH NOOOOOOOOOO.
Heather (along with her equally irritating husband) was one of my parents’ friends who lived nearby and who used to talk to me like I was five. The last time she saw me, I was 20, and she still bent down and said “hello sweetheart!” in the same voice. She reminded me of Hyacinth Bucket, and not in a good way. 

Is there a good way to remind someone of Hyacinth Bucket?

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I can only imagine this must have been half-term because I was at a loose end and my mum must have decided we had to go and pay her a visit. The only advantage to listening to her and my mum natter about inane crap all day was that she had Sky and she’d let me watch Cartoon Network.