Week 6: 7th February 1997 – 13th February 1997

Week 6: 7th February 1997 – 13th February 1997

7th February 1997 Sarah Peters is at the door! I HATE her!
Remember when you were little and your mum made friends with someone else’s mum at the school gates, and they had a kid in your class? And your mums decided that because they were friends, you should be too? And their kid was a total loser you didn’t like but who latched on to you anyway? That was Sarah.

She was a kid from my previous school who lived round the corner and despite my telling her repeatedly in the way tweenage girls do to go the entire fuck away, she kept calling round to get me to hang out.

blair - eyeroll.gif

8th February 1997 Violet round. Went shopping, bought nail varnish (nice) and six pens.
Violet was doing the most to monopolise my time at this point. We were just enough old enough to be allowed to go shopping on our own in town and took full advantage of this by buying all the cheap makeup and nail polish off the market.

9th February 1997 Did homework. Amanda’s bday tomorrow!

10th February 1997 Amanda (12) Make pancakes!
I’m not sure if these two events are connected. I don’t remember a whole lot about Amanda.

11th February 1997 Amanda did not get a horse. She is very disappointed.
… except that she was a horse girl.

12th February 1997 I HATE vampires!

dougal - oh right well done.jpg
I suspect I’m going to get a lot of use out of this image.

13th February 1997 Anna be horrid. She is a PIG!
That’s fair. She was.  She had the same surname as a famous actor at the time, so of course he was her cousin… even though that particular surname is about as common as Smith in its country of origin, so the odds of him actually being her cousin were very slim indeed.



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